Client: Affectors


This is a selection of illustrations that we've created for various Affectors exhibitions and group shows.

Affectors run highly interactive workshops with organisations and individuals to lift performance and inspire action. They offer services in the form of business training, speaking events, creative content, and they also run themed group shows for the artists they work with.

The brief

We’ve been invited to create artistic interpretations on themes ranging from 'Mythology' to 'Common Sense', from 'The Artist Behind the Mask' to 'The Art of Storytelling', each time bringing something exciting, experimental and personal to the art.

The idea

Take a theme and then throw sketches at it until something sticks, then render in ink and colour whilst recording the process. Hang as fine art Giclée print alongside wall-mounted iPad to display the process video. Finally, invite friends and drink beer!

The result

Sold-out limited edition prints and packed out art galleries!


Illustration: Billmund