Big Prize Surprise

Client: Coca-Cola


An Illustrated Facebook campaign designed to get everyone wondering: “What’s inside the Big Prize Surprise?”

Big Prize Surprise

The brief

Four big red Coca-Cola containers mysteriously appear across Australia. It’s revealed that they contain a total of $1,000,000 in prizes, and a correct guess is all it takes to win. The country starts talking, and Coke wants to keep the buzz alive, so it was our task to amplify the social component of this campaign with some humorous and engaging illustrations.

Big Prize Surprise

The idea

12 Local celebrities; footy players, TV hosts, musicians, and actors were all asked to have a guess at what might be inside each of the big red boxes. Fanciful, impractical, or just plain ridiculous, the celebs each had their turn in deducing the contents of the boxes. It was our job to take this information and display it in an engaging manner. Two factors were most crucial; the celebrity likeness, and a fantastical interpretation of their particular guess.

Big Prize Surprise

From a “giant glitter cannon that fires rainbow unicorns” to a “remote-controlled, pop-up wardrobe” the celebrity guesses were fun and child-like. The campaign coinciding with Coke’s call to “open happiness” and so a highly cartoony illustration style was chosen to best reflect the tone of the piece.

The result

An average of 464 likes and 215 comments per image post, with a high of 714 likes and 960 comments, the campaign went down a storm.


Illustration: Billmund