Engineered with the patient in mind

Client: Janssen


Janssen is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies and is part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies – the largest diversified healthcare group in the world with over 100 years of scientific heritage.

Janssen’s mission is to make the most fundamental change in the way diseases are managed. They have a leading portfolio of solutions that can alleviate, contain or cure some of the world’s most serious conditions and diseases.

The brief

Janssen research and develop great healthcare solutions that bring benefits to patients and add value to society and their company’s stakeholders. Alongside developing innovative and integrated products and medicines to restore and extend the quality of life, they also want to provide a return on investment that reflects outstanding performance and to reward those who invest ideas and work in their company.

Janssen got in touch with us to help turn their pharmaceutical company appear friendly and warm to the average consumer. They wanted to become appealing to new shareholders/investment opportunities.

The idea

Merging the imagery from research facilities with scenes from everyday life, we created the concept that showed Janssen to be a supportive company. We showed that they are always busy behind the scenes, keeping us all healthy and safe through their work.

The idea was that whatever we’re doing day to day, we have a supportive team behind us that is dedicated to producing innovative treatments and quality healthcare if and when we may need it.


Illustration: Billmund