Fuller’s Seasonal Range

Client: Fuller's


An overhaul of Fuller’s pump clips for its seasonal ale calendar.

Thirst, a design and social agency specialising in the craft drinks industry, had an exciting project in the pipeline for Fuller’s, one of the world’s most prestigious breweries. Thirst got in touch with us to create a series of illustrations to compliment their design ideas.

With Thirst, we redesigned Fuller’s range of seasonal cask ales. The range comprised of different beers, each of which were represented by a different illustration capturing the theme, beer and season. You can view the first batch of illustrations HERE.

Fuller’s Seasonal Range

The brief

Fuller’s calendar comprises 16 beers in both cask and keg format. These beers stylistically define each season, from the fresh zesty flavours of Spring, to the warm, familiar flavours of Winter.

The art that described these ales was logical when viewed alone, but incoherent when viewed together. Fuller’s was looking to refresh its line of seasonal ales, requiring a consistent style to bring the range together.

Fuller’s Seasonal Range

The idea

Create a modern, house style for the calendar using a limited colour palette teamed with a bold, contemporary line.

Some of these beer clips existed in a previous incarnation and needed updating, and some of the designs were created a-fresh for a new beer altogether. We remained mindful of the previous imagery to inform our updated style.

Fuller’s Seasonal Range

The result

Clean, modern designs that move the Fuller’s brand forward, yet retain the brewery’s rich history and tradition.


Illustration: Billmund
Design: Thirst