Logos and Typography

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Logos and Typography


Type treatments and custom letterforms for various branding and promotional jobs.

Logos and Typography

The brief

Clients looking to stake out a new place in their chosen market are always wanting to stand out, and creating a new brand and marketing identification is a great place to start.

Some of these clients have a strong idea of where they wanted to take their brand, and others request our art direction (either of these methods works for us). The branding is usually the first point of reference for the client’s audience and - depending on the client - needs to convey the service they provide, who they want to reach, and the industry they work within.

A mood/style board is to be provided or created by us to discover the right direction, and from here we are able to build a collection of thumbnail sketches and gradually zone in on the final direction before final rendering.

The idea

Use the existing company ethos or mood to carve out unique and vibrant marks  that instantly sell the brand concept.

As we complete the branding we take note of the styles and concepts that were not used in the final id but serve as a guide for complementary assets, and from here we develop type treatments and layouts for marketing materials. This keeps the style of the branding and the marketing harmonious and consistent throughout.


Illustration/design: Billmund