Dynamo and Plus Power

Client: Oticon


Three new super-powered character designs and a comic book story to introduce Oticon’s new range of hearing aids.

Dynamo and Plus Power

The brief

Oticon came to us with a new way to get their product noticed; comics, and they needed us to create the dynamic visuals to outshine the competition.

To win the attention of customers tired of the old data-heavy messaging the 3 heroes needed to look fun, high tech and super smart.

Dynamo and Plus Power

The idea

Three new superheroes would be designed to represent Oticon’s three new hearing aid products; the powerful and courageous Dynamo, the beautiful and mighty Plus Power, and the kid hero Sensei, all powered by Oticon’s BrainHearing technology.

Dynamo and Plus Power

These heroes and their unique powers needed to represent the unique capabilities of the hearing aids that they each embodied. Dynamo’s super fast processing speed gives his heroic equivalent supersonic flight, the discreet design of the Plus Power means that the heroine version can shrink in size and still maintain the power of a giant.

Secondary characters like the de-powered Soft Speech and the villainous Feedback were created to further develop the exciting world of Oticon’s BrainHearing technology.

The result

An elated client and consumer base, delighted to see how empowering Oticon’s hearing aids can truly be.


Illustration: Billmund