Stay In My Memory

Client: Bim


An animated music video for Bim’s “Stay In My Memory”.

The brief

Bim wanted an emotionally engaging animated music video – other than that, the brief for this project was completely open.

Stay In My Memory

The idea

Director Katy Davis loved the idea of making a pop up book come to life, so that was her plan. She listened to the song over and over again while scribbling down ideas, then got to making the pop up book.

Katy designed each page, worked out how the pop-ups would be constructed and subsequently created nets using Photoshop. The book was then professionally printed and Katy assembled it.

Stay In My Memory

One part of the pop up book featured a wall of picture frames, and Katy thought this was a perfect chance to get some of Bim's fans involved. Bim asked their followers to send in photos and/or videos of themselves to feature inside some of the picture frames.

This idea went down a storm, with heaps of fans scrambling at the chance to be a part of the music video. It was a lot of fun seeing what people submitted, all the while building up the hype and interest in the new Bim project.

Stay In My Memory

The pop up book, pirates, dragon, and also the girl at the end were all captured using stop motion photography. Katy edited the photos in time with the music and then illustrated the characters on paper, scanned them, cleaned and coloured them in Photoshop – there’s 1,651 drawings just of the characters! Katy then composited all of the elements together using After Effects.

The result

The video received 300,000 views in one week on YouTube alone and garnered two “best animation” awards in film festivals.

Due to its success, the video also helped take Bim to no. 6 in the iTunes electro album charts, which is a huge achievement for an unsigned band.


Director: Katy Davis
Audio: Bim
Design: Katy Davis
Animation: Katy Davis
Edit / Grade: Ben King

Awards & goodstuff

  • Winner: Best Animation at Fallbrook Film Festival 2009

  • Winner: Best Animation at End Of The Pier International Film Festival 2009

  • Runner Up: International Fest of Cinema and Technology 2009

  • Official selection: Hubbub: The Las Vegas Global Animation Festival 2009

  • Official selection: San Francisco International Children's Film Festival 2009

  • Official selection: San Diego International Children's Film Festival 2009

  • Official selection: Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival 2009

  • Official selection: LA In The Bay 2009

  • Official selection: Tricky Women 2009

  • Official selection: Anifest 2009

  • Official selection: Animfest 2009

  • Official selection: Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film 2009