Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

Client: Happify


"Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower" is one of five in a series of animations we created for Happify, a company that creates science-based activities and games that help people to lead a more fulfilling life.

Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

The brief

Happify got in touch as they wanted a series of animations to bring awareness to their company. They wanted the videos to be fun and engaging, and to help spread a positive message about meditation and mindfulness to a wide audience.

Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

The audio snippet for this animation is called "Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower", voiced by Dan Harris. It explains how practicing mindfulness could be one of the single most powerful things we can do for our wellbeing.

The brief was completely open, and Happify let us loose to write a visual script for the video.

Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

The idea

This is our second video for Happify that is voiced by Dan Harris. The first, "Meditation For Beginners", features a cute mouse character, so we thought he needed to be in this animation too!

Why Mindfulness Is A Superpower

The animation was created by drawing pen on paper. Each illustration was scanned, cleaned and coloured in Photoshop and composited in After Effects.

The result

The client was thrilled, especially with all of the little touches we put in: the sound effects and little details which make it more likely people might watch the video/s twice.

The series of videos have been widely shared and blogged about by a huge audience around the world. Approximately six months since the release of the first video, the series gathered over half a million views on YouTube and 300 thousand views on Vimeo.

We’re thrilled to recently find out that we are nominated for Best Animation Series at the Royal Television Society West Of England Awards 2016, up against production company giants Aardman and Arthur Cox. This is a huge honour for us, and Happify were over the moon too!


Director: Katy Davis
Audio: Dan Harris
Design: Katy Davis
Animation: Katy Davis and Kim Alexander

Awards & goodstuff

  • Nomination: The Royal Television Society, West Of England Awards 2016