Superhero Sales Managers

Client: Telstra


Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, providing mobile and broadband services.

We were contacted by Telstra to create some super-powered portraits of the super-human sales staff at Telstra.

Superhero Sales Managers

The brief

Eight sales managers were tasked with unlocking the ‘super-power’ potential in their sales staff, so Telstra tasked us with creating the super identities of these eight super-managers.

The idea

The sales managers needed to retain their work attire; their sharp business suits would need to be endowed with special powers and the requisite mask to portray them as new age superheroes with style.

The Telstra style guide links different colours on the visible light spectrum to different business areas, and these colours were to be incorporated in the unique design of the super eight. Each manager was dealt a superhero codename and from this we created a unique character design and superhero pose, i.e. the Datanator is a cyborg made for generating profitable business, so we made his body part machine and gave him data displays that are always online.


Illustration: Billmund