W.H.O. Branding

Client: Witching Hour Order


For this project we created branding for Witching Hour Order, including a new logo, website design and a series of T-shirt designs, to launch the new incarnation of infamous club night/blog Purple Sneakers.

The brief

Refresh and rebrand the old Purple Sneakers to better reflect the night-life aspect of the club night brand.

The Witching Hour refers to a time of night when creatures like Demons, witches and ghosts are thought to come out of hiding and have the world to themselves. It’s a fantasy time and with this rebrand the objective is to get people’s imaginations running wild.

The idea

W.H.O. gave us plenty of dark and haunting imagery but still wanted us to play with humour and aim at their core demographic of 18-25 year olds.

We looked at combining the stark imagery found in Black Metal merch and the levity of popular memes. A satanic ritual cutting of pizza and the four horsemen preparing for an apocalyptic weekend with a keg and a huge bong made for graphics that really hit the mark.

The result

An ecstatic client, they completely trusted our direction and were proud to walk back into the internet with a new direction and a new confidence.


Illustration: Billmund