Young Pretty Girl

Client: Lucid Edge


Numerous illustrations were commissioned to be used as backgrounds to a music video called “Young Pretty Girl”. The singer would be filmed in front of a green screen and then comped into this magical, illustrated world.

Young Pretty Girl

The brief

The song “Young Pretty Girl” is a story about two lovers from different worlds/social class backgrounds. The girl comes from a world of money and luxury and the singer comes from the Streets in Brooklyn. He describes how she doesn’t want her parents to find out about their love affair and how they have a secret relationship. A bit of a Romeo and Juliet scenario!

Young Pretty Girl

The idea

We really wanted this work to be beautiful! As we needed to represent two different worlds, we created a purposeful colour divide, using blues for the grand mansion, and oranges for the urban location. We used loads of yummy textures for the illustrations to really make the artwork stand out, and also to make the green screened character footage pop!

Young Pretty Girl

The result

The client was really happy with the illustrations and said he couldn’t wait to get us on board for further projects. He said he was thrilled with the originality of the artwork and that the music video was going to be a fresh new style visually for this artist.


Illustration: Katy Davis