Digital Entrepreneur award winner

18 November 2015 in Awards & goodstuff

Last year our co-founder Katy Davis did a job for Hurricane Media, creating an animation for Together For Short Lives.

The animation tells the story of a couple at a very exciting time in their life – they’re having a baby. The film describes the heart-breaking moment it all changed when they hear the news that their child has life-limiting condition. The devastating realisation that their child is likely to die before them leaves the couple feeling lost and alone. Although there is no cure for their child’s condition, the story goes on to explain that help is at hand for the family on their journey. They learn that with care, help and support they can find moments to savour and have a life together, no matter how short.

This week, we received the fantastic news that the animation ‘We’re Having A Baby’ has won the Animation or Gaming Project of the Year at the Digital Entrepreneur Awards. The award description states “Arguably this year’s most creative award, we want to seek out the talented animators who can create pieces of work that connect with their audiences like no other.”

You can rad more about it via this write up from Bristol media:

This not-for-profit animation is already an award-winner and has been nominated for a Media Innovation Award which will be announced later this month.

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