Happify: “How to Calm Your Worries and Sleep Better”

11 March 2019 in Animation

We’ve just finished our sixth animation for our wonderful client Happify, a company that creates science-based activities and games that help people to lead a more fulfilling life.

These videos have covered meditation, mindfulness, how to defeat negative thinking, and this new video is aimed at people who may have worries keeping them up at night. A sleep scientist, Jared Minkel Ph.D, reveals a few of his favourite strategies for calming your mind at bedtime.

Check it out here:

Our co-founder Katy Ross designed and illustrated the video, and did some animating alongside three other members of the Superdoodle team, Ania, Kim and Jaume.

We’ve been thrilled with the feedback for our videos, and so happy to see that they have been enjoyed and shared by so many people. You can see from the below screenshot how well they’ve been doing (our videos are the first and forth, and then all of the videos on the second row).

Screenshot 2019-03-11 at 21.24.09

We really love the topics that Happify cover – it’s such a privilege to be able to bring their audio snippets to life and help people to learn all about mental health and how they can find new ways to think, breathe and relax.

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