Katy and Bill got married!

12 October 2017 in Illustration, General waffle

Katy here! I wanted to write a blog today to update you with some personal news – that (Superdoodle co-founder) Bill and I got married last month! Hooray!

Katy and Bill

Bill had proposed last year, four days before our son was born. Although life has been pretty full on since, balancing our work and parental duties side by side, we wanted to make sure we found time to add some creative touches to our wedding.

We were to be hitched at Priston Mill near Bath in the UK. The Mill is a lovely old building (originally built in 931 – cripes!), which has an impressive waterwheel that still turns today. Weather permitting, couples can get married outside in a little gazebo, next to a field of happy mooing cows. I decided to illustrate this little scene for our invitations (the cows are out of shot).


Although we decided to have an Autumnal wedding, we were indeed graced with perfect, sparkly warm weather and we were thrilled to be able to get married outside to play out our little invitation illustration scene!

I also illustrated a repeat pattern which I used for the RSVP card, and on a slip of paper to hold the ‘invitation pack’ together. The repeat pattern featured objects and memories from our lives together i.e. a pencil (being creatives), a hot air balloon (synonymous with Bristol, which is where we live), a walking boot (we love a good trek!), etc.



We went on to discuss what would make a good wedding favour, and we decided “wouldn’t it be nice to draw each guest as a personal thank you for being there!” Ah yes. That’s when the hard work began. Poor old Bill. Bill spent months and months doing the morning dad shift, then doing a full day of client work, then spending his evenings illustrating each and every person who was coming to our wedding.

Guest illustrations

I chose a background colour from our colour scheme and printed the illustrations in a retro polaroid photo format. I had collected baby food jars and filled them with pretty succulents and then used little crocodile clips to hold up the images.

Guest illustrations

It was a hefty job indeed, but boy was it worth it! We’ve been told that when everyone walked in to the dining room there were lots of ‘Oooh’s and ‘Wow’s and everyone was really grateful that Bill had made the effort.

Guest illustrations


Katy and Bill

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