The Best Business Women award nomination

29 August 2019 in Awards & goodstuff

The Best Business Women Awards have announced their finalists for 2019. The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs who not only run successful businesses but, in many cases, also juggle the needs of their families. The Best Business Women Awards are designed to recognise the achievement of those women across a wide range of business categories from women across the UK.

Katy Ross from Superdoodle said “As I knew I wanted to have children, I needed to find a way to continue to provide an income for my family. Being a creative freelancer – an individual taking on  projects on my own – didn’t really provide this opportunity and stability. As well as being a competitive industry, animation is an incredibly time consuming process, and I was working very long hours to meet my clients expectations and deadlines. I decided I needed to take a more managerial role in my projects, so that I could employ others to help with the workload, and also so that I was able to take on more than one project at a time. So I just went for it, and Superdoodle was formed!

I realise that Superdoodle would have grown substantially bigger if it wasn’t for my choice to have a family (I was off on maternity leave when the business was just 16 months old), but I have been happily juggling the business’ success alongside parenting my toddler and fresh newborn! Keeping in mind that my maternity leave pauses have limited Superdoodle’s flow/expansion, we are on the up, with an ever-increasing variety of clients, bigger projects, and taking on more and more freelancers to join our growing team. I am so excited to keep building and growing from here on out.”

Debbie Gilbert, organiser of The Best Business Women Awards said “This is the 5th year of these prestigious awards. We were delighted with the number of entries this year, which came in from all over the UK. This is a tough competition judged by business experts. To be a finalist is a major achievement. Finalists have been selected for their business acumen, determination, creativity and tenacity. Well over 80% of start-ups fail in the first 3 years and all our finalists are all shining examples of being successful entrepreneurs who have proved their success to our judges.”

Katy Ross from Superdoodle has been shortlisted as a finalist in the ‘Business Services’ category. This award will be presented to the best female owned business in the Professional Services field. The businesses in this category are ones which serve other companies, and the judges will be looking for evidence and examples of how they support clients, showcase their skills, expertise and awareness of customer service.

Katy said “I absolutely love what I do, and my clients see this as soon as they get in touch. We know that if someone is investing in animation and/or illustration to help promote their business that it can be hard to choose a company to work with. They need to be sure that whoever they choose will provide exactly what they want and need, with a process as smooth and delightful as a Mr Whippy.

Having been recognised for this award is such a huge achievement for me. I’m extremely humbled and proud of what the Superdoodle team have achieved on our journey so far. To receive this acknowledgement really is fantastic!”

The gala final of The Best Business Women Awards will be held on 11th October 2019 when the winners will be announced.

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