Camp IHC

Client: Camp IHC


Camp IHC is a summer camp based in Pennsylvania in the US. It offers a seven week unforgettable experience where seemingly endless days bring limitless opportunities to explore, create, compete, and celebrate the wonder of being a kid.

Camp IHC

The brief

Since working with Camp IHC on a previous project named “The Psychology of Camp” in 2018, we have had our worlds turned upside-down by the pandemic.

Camp IHC

Although camp was of course closed for the summer of 2020, the team are ramping up for camp 2021, and owner Lauren Rutkowski asked us to create a new animation to announce the grand re-opening. Lauren stays mindful that being around other people may still seem overwhelming for many kids, and wanted this video to acknowledge the disruption that covid has created in all of our lives, and then how everyone can feel confidently safe in camp this summer. 

Camp IHC

Lauren came to us with a script which we then chatted about together and progressed. The initial idea was to keep things very relatable, and for a child to hear from another child - in this case Mac, Lauren’s second born son. We went on to discuss if there could be more credibility in the message coming from her, an adult/parent/experienced camp director, and perhaps her strong yet calming voice may help children to feel more confident in their care at camp this year.

Camp IHC

The final script blossomed into a narrative that included both Lauren and Mac; Lauren bringing the main message of reassurance, and Mac talking about all the things he’s looking forward to at summer camp this year. With the double act, there was plenty of opportunity for interaction where the pair could bounce off each other too (literally at one point!).

Camp IHC

Our first project with Camp IHC had a mixture of digital design and hand-drawn coloured pencil. As the latest animation was predominantly aimed at children, we thought we’d concentrate on working with coloured pencils, and create all of our backgrounds this way.

Camp IHC

The characters were illustrated and coloured in the same way as the last video in order to link them together and keep that brand consistency.

The result

We were very happy to hear how much the Camp IHC team loved the final video, and thank them again for being a wonderful bunch to work with.

We’re hope that our video brought reassurance to all the families returning to camp this year, and wish them all a wonderful summer full of fun and happiness.

In September 2021 we were very, veeerrrrryyy happy to receive the news that our project had won the "People’s Choice" Award in the Animation category of the Creativepool Awards.


Director: Katy Ross
Written by: Lauren Rutkowski and Katy Ross
Executive Producers: Lauren Rutkowski and Joel Rutkowski
Designer/illustrator: Katy Ross
Animators: Micky Wozny, Katy Ross and Lucy Izzard
Voice Over: Lauren Rutkowski
Music: "Calm Day" by Alexey Nikolaenkov aka Music_Finder

Awards & goodstuff

  • Shortlisted nominee in the Animation category for the Creativepool Annual 2021

  • Winner: "People's Choice" in the Animation category for the Creativepool Annual 2021