EVENT 27/07/18: Harbour City Fur Con

11 July 2018 in Illustration, Process, Events

Thanks to his epic Creatures of the Night work for Jägermeister, illustrating a group of anthropomorphic characters, our main man Billmund is a Guest of Honour at this year’s Harbour City Fur Con! He’ll be in upside-down-land Australia for the event over 27-29th of July at Vibe Hotel in Sydney.

Unfortunately the event tickets are already sold out, but for those of you who missed out – stay tuned! We’ll be posting about Billmund’s furry adventures, starting with this fantastic promotional piece for the ‘NEO-TOKYO’ theme.


David Cao (founder of HCFC), had asked Bill to create a poster for the event that worked both as a promotional piece and as a page in the con-book. The brief was to illustrate a group of anthropomorphic characters, including a specific list of OCs [Original Characters], re-drawn in his style.


The list included:

Character 1: Kovlancer (goat). Description: Dresses up cyberpunk/futuristic.

Characters 2 & 3: Yuumei (Dragon) and Telford (Fox), they are a couple. Description: Cheeky and playful (Yuumei), American sports, football, ice hockey (Telford).

Character 4: Darky (muscular blue dinosaur on the left). Description: ‘Roided-up’ gym bro.

Characters 5 & 6: Kovu (Lion) and Seth (Wolf), they are a couple.

Characters 7 & 8: Mindfyer (Grey Wolf) and Packer (Tiger), they are a couple.

Character 9: Temba (Cougar). Description: Cheeky, friendly and dominant personality

David said, “Do try to include each character if you can (and reduce their level of detail since there’s nine of them), but if for whatever reason some characters don’t fit your style or vision for the poster, that’s alright too. In terms of what info I’d like on the poster, just the convention name and year will do. Otherwise, feel free to exercise complete creative control.”

And so, from line work to shading to full colour, this is what Bill came up with:


Bill also designed a t-shirt for the attendees:HCFC_tshirt2_flatsm

Here’s the printed version alongside Garnetto’s design:


The theme for this year’s con is Neo-Tokyo so Bill incorporated references to ‘Ghost in the Shell’ in the character designs for the poster, and references to ‘Akira’ in the T-shirt design.

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